Relationship between a Disciple and a Guru

Recent events in India, have forced me to write on this delicate issue. What should be the relationship between a disciple and his/her Guru? Ask anyone which subject they like most, and 90% of time the answer will be a subject taught by an adult (mostly school/college teacher) whom they adored. If in simple education, the prsence of love between student and teacher strengthens the flow of knowledge between them, then, spiritual knowledge is much more difficult to have, and requires utmost love and dedication of disciple towards their Spiritual teacher/Guru. Don't stop reading here!! I know you are thinking what a crap, but just have a little patience. When I love the subject, the work I am doing, I give my 100% to it, and spiritual knowledge requires giving more than 100%, yes at times I am surprised when people claim they are spiritual because from 24 hours of their life they give 15 minutes to some pooja, ritual, while they carry on their day as usual... How ca


All our lives are nothing but just reactions, reaction to what others have done.  And thus whole of our lives are false. A wife is fighting with a husband on some trivial issue, not realizing it is because he said no that day when she wanted to go out shopping with him. It is her mind taking revenge in the only way she know. A child may get sick, not knowing at all that this is the reaction to the neglect he felt from his parents. We go on behaving in reaction.... most times even without knowing it... Become aware, become authentic, only then will you see the door.... will you see the Path _/\_


We all strive for power, some think getting more money will make me powerful, some getting more knowledge will give me more power, others believe in having influential friends will make them more powerful, and then there are some who think building strong body will make them more powerful. There arises a natural question, why everyone is striving for power , power for what , power over what ? Power so that we can do what we want . Power so that others listen to us, we can control them, tell them what to do. Yes by power one may control thousands, manipulate hundreds, but in truth, such a person is totally powerless... He is the slave of his own mind, he behaves the way mind wants it to behave. He is actually the most helpless of all. The real power is, control over one's own mind, मन . Because one who has controlled his mind, is the only one who really knows what he wants. Because one who has controlled his mind knows divine, knows the ways of divine, is in direct touch wi


Why are our lives so full of contradiction? Probably, it is so because of our desire to be something, is it not so? We all want to become something, to become successful, to be listened by others, to be respected by others, to be loved by others... We all want to achieve something, money, name, fame, power, knowledge... This desire of becoming something, achieving something keeps us locked in dreams of future and calculations of past. As long as we stay away from present, that what is, we stay away from 'The Moment', away from that what 'IS".... This distance from the moment, from the what is.... brings all the contradictions.....

पागल या संत

अाज राह में कुछ अजनबीयों से मुलाकात हुई। एक पन्द्रह-सोलह साल की उम्र का बालक था/ मध्यम कद, चकोर चहरा, अौर बडी गहरी अाँखें। अौर एक कार में बैठे एक पुरुष तथा एक युवती। बालक सडक के कोने पर शांत, खडा था। उस कार को उसी कोने से मुडना था, वह बालक कार के एकदम सामने था, सडक व्यस्त थी, या तो बालक अपनी जगह से हठे, अन्यथा कार उसको चोट पहुँचा सकती थी। कार वालों का पहला र्कत्य तो अाम था। उन्होने होर्न बजाया, उस बालक को हटने का इशारा भी किया। पर इसके बाद जो घटा वह कभी-कभी ही घटता है। बालक बिना झिझके वहीं खडा रहा। उसकी अाँखों ने बिना भय के, पहले पुरुष को देखा, पुरुष ने बिना क्रोध, बिना झुंझलाहट  उसे वापस देखा, वहाँ कोई भाव ना पा उसने युवती को देखा, युवती भावों का बवंडर थी। पहले तो युवती के मन में अाया की ये पागल है, उस बालक ने अोर गहरायी से युवती को देखा। इस दौरान, पुरुष ने कार अौर अागे बढाई, शायद वह भी बालक का प्रत्युत्तर देखना चाहता था। बालक बिल्कुल विचलीत नहीं हुअा। पर युवती इस भय से भर गई की कहीं बालक को चोट ना लग जाए, उसका पुरा अास्तित्व चाहा रहा था कि कार पिछे कर ली जाए, पुरुष ने कार पिछे की

Black Hole

Today in the morning as I sat down for meditation, and went inside. Saw a big black hole. Literally a big black hole, it was absorbing all... the good the bad.... the planets... the galaxies...  Yes it was frightening at that moment... And so the eyes opened up, mind wanted to run away.... But whole day,   whenever I could  stole the time, I went inside to see and understand that black hole... Still do not understand it, but fear is no more... And a deep peace is emerging... a deep energy is emerging. Slowly getting the feel of the power of black hole :)

Who am I?

Every-time I meet someone new, they try to find out who am I? The conversation starts with information about my name, my profession, and finally family....   Is this I am? My name was given to me, even before I could speak, how can it be me? My profession was the outcome of life and its circumstances, how can it be me? My family was decided by birth, how can it be me? Then who am I? No, I do not know the answer, but there are many facets of self which I have discovered in this journey.... I am a student, there is some one inside me always eager to learn, new technologies, new meditations, experimenting them on self!! I am a teacher, whenever I find someone in trouble and I know the solution, I try to guide them, knowing very well, who will listen who will not listen!! I am a healer, I am filled with the compassion, the love and healing flows through me for all sentient beings!! I am a Wiccan, feeling God an Goddess in all the expressions of nature, communing with divine